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 Future Plans

Our Future Plans

Hi Hills continues to grow. By 2022, we will add another 40 acres to our farm, bringing us to a total of 30,000 plants. To this, we will be adding an onsite indoor grow facility and an onsite processing facility.

Ensuring that we can provide our customers with all by-products of our farm, all from one place. 

Hi Hills is committed to providing the good people of Michigan with a growing offer of quality cannabis products.

Get to Know Us

Hills is a Michigan-based company that was founded and led by locals with a wide range of experience in the cannabis sector.

Our team of expert growers and skilled processors have over 40 years of combined experience to provide the finest sun-grown cannabis in Michigan.

What makes us different is our award-winning strains. Our strains aid in the production of some of the most regulated distillates available on the market.

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“We are passionate about our products and our work. We have strived to give Michigan the very best cannabis products and we have made it through taking care of our community.”
Nick Hannawa
Hi Hills CEO

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